Peace of mind policy

With the roll-out of vaccines round the world, there's most definitely light at the end of the Covid tunnel. At the same time, however, we recognize that many of you remain hesitant about committing to booking a holiday for 2021, and that’s where our Thoughtful Travel Guarantee comes in: this peace-of-mind Plan B will ensure that you’ll be covered, should your plans be affected by Covid-19.

Why you should book a villa in Tuscany now

In these challenging times holiday projects are scrambled and our spirit often overwhelmed.

Your holidays are precious to us and our aim is to grant you flexibility and reassurance.

For this reason, we have been working tirelessly over the past few months, in order to give you total peace of mind, ensuring that you villa-rental experience will be wonderful, safe and relaxed.

We have been cooperating closely with each of our villa owners in order to negotiate more flexible terms and we are committed to provide you good deals, flexibility and safety, with the new following possibilities:

  • Best price guaranteed and a reduced deposit of 30%, to grant you the perfect deal.
  • Free postponement if you are unable to travel because of government travel restrictions, or a voucher stating a credit with us for a future booking on any of our properties.
  • Comprehensive cleaning and disinfecting procedures in accordance to the WHO guidelines and Vacation Rental Management Association standards.

We are here to assist you

In case none of our new flexible conditions should work for you we are available to work with you for finding the best solution fitting your needs. Our personalized service and tailor-made solutions will do the extra mile to make your holiday-dreams possible.

We rely on your support

On November 2020 Condé Nast Traveller explained in a very inspirational article why you shouldn’t cancel your holiday. We believe that in changing times like those we are living we need more than ever your trust and support, in order to keep offering you unforgettable memories of a truly Italian experience.

For this reason, we rely on your support, asking to chose one of the several options we offer instead of cancelling your reservation. We are sure that you won’t be deceived.

Frequently asked questions

Will the price of the villa be the same if I postpone my booking to a later date?

This depends on the booking seasons and year, for example:
1. if you move your booking to an equivalent pricing season (eg from one low season period to another low season period) there will be no extra charge;
2. if you move your booking from a low season period to a high season period, you would need to pay the difference.
3. if you move your booking from 2021 to 2022, you won’t have to pay the difference even if the price has been increased for 2022.

Can I change villa if I wish to postpone my booking?

In most of cases yes. However, there are a few cases which require to rebook/use your credit note against the villa you had originally booked.

In what circumstance can I request to postpone my booking or to receive a Credit Voucher?

You could request to postpone your booking or to receive a Travel Credit Voucher for the following Covid-related reasons:
1. the introduction of travel restrictions by regional or national governments, either in the country of origin of the lead booker or in the region/country where your villa is located. This includes official advice against non-essential travel and the imposition of quarantine measures;
2. if it is widely reported/expected that travel restrictions will be introduced in your country of origin or in the region/country where your villa is located;
3. if your flights/transport are cancelled for Covid-related reasons and there are no viable alternatives to reach your destination.

For how long is the Credit Voucher valid?

It is valid for use up to 2023.

Can I transfer my Credit Voucher to another person?

Yes, you can. You’ll just need to give us the relevant information and put us in touch with the person you’ll be transferring the voucher to.

What if I or a member of my travelling party were unable to travel due to testing positive for Covid-19?

Unless travel restrictions are also in place, our normal cancellation conditions would be applicable in this case, so we would strongly recommend checking the terms of your travel insurance and what cover is included for these circumstances. In our experience, most travel insurance providers will now include cover for cancellation or changes to travel plans due to a positive Covid-19 test.

Is there any travel insurance you could recommend that would cover us against Covid

There are some interesting policies out there, but for our experience none is covering cancellations due to travel restrictions at the moment. Even if several new insurances are currently offered, please check carefully what they cover before subscribing them.

Are the terms of your peace of mind policy valid for all your villas and apartments?

Our peace of mind policy is available for all of our properties.