Lucca holidays are simply incredible holidays. Located in Tuscany, central Italy, Lucca is the capital city of the province of Lucca, about 80 kilometres west of beautiful Florence, and 20 kilometres northeast of Pisa. Nestled on the Serchio River, surrounded by its fertile plains, Lucca is stunningly beautiful, and incredibly rich in history and culture, making it an ideal location for an Italian getaway.

Top Tourist Attractions during Holidays

As well as the fabulous wealth of festivals and events hosted by Lucca throughout the year, the city has a number of other attractions for visitors to this beautiful part of the world. At Christmas, the city’s historic quarter comes alive with festive decorations, including Christmas lights and decorations which adorn the streets, squares, and shopfronts. It makes a leisurely stroll through the illuminated streets a magical experience. It also hosts various Christmas markets, including in the Piazza San Michele, with holiday treats, local crafts, and gift ideas making this the ideal location to bask in the festive atmosphere and find unique presents for loved ones.

Lucca is a dream for lovers of history and architecture, and a simple walk through the ancient streets can make anyone’s heart soar. However, for visitors looking for a starting point, there are a few must-visit sites. The charming, oval-shaped Piazza dell’Anfiteatro is popular all year-round, perfect for people watching and enjoying café culture at its finest. The Duomo di Lucca, the Cathedral of Saint Martin, a stunning example of Romanesque-Gothic architecture, with its stunning facade and interior, is both a place of worship and a cultural landmark. Meanwhile, if you have a head for heights, you can climb the Guinigi Tower for jaw-dropping, panoramic views of the city. Lucca is simply perfect for mixing high culture with leisurely, Italian fun and sightseeing.

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Popular Festivals and Celebrations

Lucca plays host to a wide range of popular festivals and celebrations throughout the year, drawing both locals and tourists from across the globe. These events are an excellent showcase for Lucca’s legendary culture, traditions, music, and history. The internationally acclaimed Lucca Summer Festival music festival usually takes place in July, and features a lineup of stellar artists and bands, from both Italy and beyond. With concerts held in numerous venues across the city, the ancient walls of Lucca provide a unique backdrop to this acclaimed festival.

Meanwhile, the Lucca Comics & Games Festival is held each year in late October or early November. It is one of the biggest, most popular comic book and gaming conventions in the whole of Europe, attracting thousands of enthusiasts and cosplayers who celebrate comic books, manga, video games, and fantasy culture.

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In late March or early April, Lucca is also host to the Lucca Film Festival, which celebrates the art of film-making and cinema. Along with screenings of national and international films, there are workshops, panel discussions, and meetings with filmmakers. For Settembre Lucchese, the city is the backdrop to a series of cultural events, concerts, exhibitions, and performances to promote Lucca’s formidable artistic and historical heritage.

There are also a number of beautiful religious festivals in Lucca, most notably the Procession of Santa Croce (Festa di Santa Croce) on September 13th, honouring the Holy Cross with a sombre parade through the streets. Participants carry the Holy Cross and are accompanied by traditional music and prayers. In the evening, the city is spectacularly illuminated by thousands of candles, creating an atmosphere that is both other-worldly and enchanting. The Festival of Santa Zita, held on April 27th, honours the patron saint of Lucca with a procession of the saint’s relics through the streets, to an atmospheric backdrop of music, food stalls, and festivities.

Local Traditions and Customs

One of the many charming aspects of spending time in Lucca is being able to observe the local traditions that make the city and region so unique. In a country where customs and culture form an integral part of life and society, Lucca, with its love for art, culture, cuisine, family, and the wider community, is certainly no exception. As well as the aforementioned religious and cultural festivals, Lucca also shows its heritage through its Tuscan cuisine, which holds a prominent place in the city’s customs. Visitors to Lucca can enjoy traditional dishes such as tortelli lucchesi (stuffed pasta), farro soup, and many types of bruschetta. The Aperitivo is another great Italian tradition, when friends and family join each other for drinks and snacks before their main meal, with the beautiful piazzas the perfect backdrop for bars and cafés to congregate in.

Lucca also has a strong history of craftsmanship, with certain traditional crafts still practiced in the city, including silk weaving, ceramics, and intricate woodworking. Great for learning about the city’s history and maybe picking up a unique piece to take home.

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