Italy is a popular tourist destination for obvious reasons, and Versilia, in Tuscany, is not an exception. The food is delicious, the climate exquisite, and it’s a country full of culture, history and natural beauty. Among the most famous regions in Italy is Tuscany, with its famous cities of Florence, Siena, Pisa and Lucca.

But the Tuscan region has some real gems that not many tourists know about, such as the coastal area of Versilia. No trip to Tuscany is complete without a visit to this charming treasure. Holidays in Versilia are an experience you won’t forget in a hurry.

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Versilia, Italy: Unveiling the Charms of Tuscany’s Coastal Gem

You may be wondering: Where is Versilia in Italy? While it is a stunning coastal area beloved by Italians, it’s not on the list of Tuscan destinations for many tourists. Situated on the coastal stretch of the northeastern edge of the Province of Lucca, Versilia is named after a river of the same name.

With its fashionable beach resorts and beautiful towns and villages, it has a lot to offer for everyone. At the foot of the Apuan Alps, visitors are enchanted by views out to the sea as well as to the mountain range. Versilia is also home to a massive rose nursery that produces the famous Versilia Roses. Rich in history and culture, in Versilia you can trace your steps back in time to the Renaissance and even the Romans. Art lovers will discover that the area has a rich heritage having attracted many famous artists.

Cultural things to do in Versilia, Italy

Michelangelo has created some of his greatest masterpieces in the workshops of Pietrasanta in Versilia. The nearby Carrara quarries is where the marble for his statues, including his David, were extracted. The “white gold” as it was called, also attracted other Italian artists such as Botero and Mitorai. And still today, artists flock to quarries to create masterpieces from this famous white marble.

Puccini, one of Italy’s most famous composers, chose Torre del Lago as his home in 1891 and lived there for the rest of his life. The village is hosting the Puccini Festival every summer, celebrating their famous former inhabitant. In the Puccini House and Museum you can find out all about the composer’s life.

Versilia, like other areas in Italy, are rich in historical buildings and sites that date back as far as the Romans. At the bank of Lake Massaciuccoli you can discover Roman ruins. The Medici, the rulers of Florence in the Renaissance, came to Versilia for their summer holidays. Their Palazzo Mediceo is now one of UNESCO’s World Heritage sites. Versilia has so much to offer when it comes to art and history, making your holidays in Versilia a rich experience.


Beaches in Versilia: mediterranean style

For a more relaxing holiday, Versilia has a wide range of sandy beaches, offering a piece of paradise. The blue waters and golden beaches are the reason why Versilia’s Reviera is so popular with Italian celebrities and holidaymakers. Luxurious beach resorts, hotels and trendy nightclubs make it the perfect summer destination.

The sand slopes gently into the sea, making it the ideal spot for families. Children can splash about in the sea without parents worrying too much about them. But that’s not all that you can do on Versilia’s beaches. Water sports such as wind and kite surfing, canoeing and kayaking, water skiing and sailing are all on offer in this splendid coastal area.

Events from Versilia and the Surroundings

Probably the most well-known is the Viareggio Carnival, that takes place every February. It is said to host a parade of the biggest floats in Europe and delights thousands of adults and children every year.

The Festival La Versiliana is one of the best Italian theatrical festivals. It takes place between July and August every year in the Versiliana Park in Marina di Pietrasanta. During this time you can enjoy a formidable cultural programme, including performances in prose, ballet, music, cabaret and more.

In nearby Livorno you can participate in the Livorno Effetto Venezia, a summer programme of a wide range of events. A folkloristic manifestation, it includes music, cultural and historical performances.


Plan Your Holidays in Versilia

Immerse yourself in the cultural riches and natural beauty of this Tuscan region for a trip to remember for a lifetime. Holidays in Versilia can mean many things. Whether you are after a peaceful and relaxing time on the beach or want some action, you will find it in Versilia. The cultural offering is diverse and provides interesting events almost all year round.

History buffs will come into their own in this area of Tuscany, where there is so much to see and learn. The Apuan Alps invite adventures to discover this stunning natural world in all its glory. Whatever it is you want from your well-deserved break, you will find it in Versilia.