Tuscany is famous for its rolling hills, vineyards, and historic towns, offering so many diverse options for many travellers. With a variety of things to do and see and places to go, why not get around on a bicycle? Better yet, wouldn’t it be lovely to visit little towns and historical sites along a scenic path that takes you out of a tour bus and into nature? In this article, we will explore the possibilities of enjoying a bike tour in Tuscany and discovering the best routes and places to stay during your trip to Tuscany at Lucca apartments and villas.

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Embarking on a Tuscany Bike Tour Adventure

We cannot rant and rave more about going on a Tuscany bike tour. In our opinion, it is one of the best ways to see one of Italy’s most picturesque regions. It does not matter whether you are an experienced cyclist or someone just looking to explore Tuscany within nature, there are bike tours in Tuscany that cater to all levels of experience.

There are two ways of going about this; you can either sign up for an organised tour with a guide who will plan the stops, including wine tastings, entrances to monuments or museums and other attractions along the way. Or, if you prefer to have total freedom and control of where you go and at what pace, then planning your own bike tour might be the best option.

We believe there’s no better way to immerse yourself in the beauty and culture of this region than on two wheels. So let’s look at some possible routes to help you on your biking journey!

Must-See Stops: Iconic Routes Through Tuscany

Tuscany is crisscrossed with scenic routes that offer beautiful views and charming stops. From the iconic terracotta-roofed cities of Lucca and Sienna to the serene countryside of Chianti, each route has its unique allure.

Venture into the Val d’Orcia, a UNESCO World Heritage site, where the hilly landscape is lined with cypress trees and medieval villages like Pienza and Montalcino can be found. The coastal route towards the Maremma region shows a different side of Tuscany, with its wild beaches and nature reserves, this is a great route to take in the warmer months giving you a different view of Tuscany. Along the way, stop in smaller towns like Volterra, which has a rich Etruscan heritage and the thermal baths in Saturnia, where you can find natural hot springs. Perfect for taking off those sneakers and soaking your feet after a long day of biking.

Here are a few options to guarantee that you stop at all of the must-see places:

Lucca- Matraia- Montecarlo

1. If you are interested in seeing the “classics” of Tuscany, then we suggest following this itinerary: starting in the historic city of Lucca, known for its Renaissance walls and cobblestone streets, it serves as the perfect departure point. The first part of your bike tour takes you to the enchanting village of Montecarlo, approximately 17 km away. You will have some great wine here and see lots of medieval architecture and art throughout the town. Spend your night at one of Lucca Apartments and Villas rentals in Montecarlo to get some much-needed rest.

The next day, cycle east towards Collodi, through olive groves and vineyards, covering a round trip of about 20 km. Collodi is famous for the Parco di Pinocchio, and the stunning Villa Garzoni. Both are something not to be missed! Return to Montecarlo for another restful evening in the countryside.

Finally, your Tuscan bike tour ends with a scenic ride back to Lucca, but this time, by taking an alternative route of about 17 km. Once you return to Lucca, take your time to explore the city. From its ancient churches to the panoramic views atop its famous walls.

Lucca- Matraia- Montecarlo​ bike tours

Lucca- Balbano - Pitoro

2. This loop of Lucca and its surrounding areas, takes you on a ride through the natural beauty of Tuscany, truly a great route option for any nature lover. This biking tour begins in Lucca, where you will go out northwards, towards the Tenuta Adamo Winery. This stretch takes you past many vineyards and olive groves, giving you the perfect excuse to make a stop and visit a winery and learn how they make their production firsthand.

Continuing from the winery, the route leads you towards the town of Massarosa. In our opinion, this is one of the quaintest towns in the region, as it gives you a glimpse into rural Tuscany. Here you will find traditional farmhouses on the trail and the town of Massarosa itself, is full of traditional eateries. It’s a perfect spot to rest and enjoy a leisurely lunch.

After Massarosa, head towards the LIPU Massaciuccoli, a nature reserve known for its rich biodiversity and views over Lake Massaciuccoli. Birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts will find this part of the tour especially interesting, with many species to observe in their natural habitat.

The final part of your tour circles back to Lucca, completing your loop.

Lucca- Balbano - Pitoro​ bike tours

Pomarance- Serrazzano- Monterufoli

3. This biking itinerary takes you from the medieval village of Suvereto to Sassetta and back, journeying through Val di Cornia. This route, detailed on the Valdicecina Outdoor website, promises an experience filled with natural beauty, historical sites, and the tranquillity of the Tuscan countryside.

Your adventure begins in Suvereto, a charming medieval village known for its well-preserved architecture, cobbled streets, and ancient walls. Explore the historical city before setting off to the Tuscan countryside, through olive groves, and vineyards.

The biking trail to Sassetta is tranquil but is moderately challenging with uphill portions. Once in Sassetta, head for its renowned thermal springs or plan a stop at the Castello di Sassetta. Make the journey back to Suvereto after having lunch and enjoying the city or take the longer route back and make some additional cultural stops along the way to the Museo della Geotermia or Ponteginori.

Pomarance- Serrazzano- Monterufoli ​bike tours

Tips for Your Tuscan Biking Journey

Taking part in a Tuscany bike tour does require some preparation to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience. We recommend packing light but don’t forget essentials like water bottles, sunscreen, and a basic repair kit. It’s also wise to familiarise yourself with the route beforehand and consider booking guided tours for a more carefree journey. And of course, choosing the right accommodation, such as Lucca Apartments and Villas, can make all the difference, offering a cosy retreat after a day of exploring.

Navigating Challenges: Staying Safe and Enjoying the Ride

While Tuscany offers relatively safe biking routes, it’s important to be vigilant, especially on rural roads. We advise wearing a helmet, using reflective gear for early morning or late evening rides, and staying hydrated throughout your journey. Remember, the goal is to enjoy the ride and the stunning views, so take your time and don’t hesitate to stop for a photo, a sip of Chianti, or lunch in one of the local trattorias.

Why a Bike Tour in Tuscany is Unforgettable

A bike tour in Tuscany is an experience that stays with you long after the ride is over. It’s an adventure! With Lucca Apartments and Villas as your base, you’re perfectly positioned to explore the best routes and enjoy the comfort and hospitality that makes Tuscany feel like home.