Getting married is one of the most exciting things in our lives. Of course, we all want it to be the perfect day. To achieve this, everything has to be just right, especially the venue. Finding the right venue is the first thing most couples do and many find it abroad. Tuscany in Italy is among the most popular destinations for a wedding. And not just because the food and wine are so delicious. So let’s find out which are the best wedding destinations in Tuscany.

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Choosing Your Tuscany Wedding Destination

Tuscany is one of the most beautiful regions in Italy, so no wonder it’s so popular as a wedding destination. The variety of stunning venues provides the perfect setting for any bride and groom whatever they dream of. Luxurious villas, rustic farmhouses, stunning castles and charming hotels can all be found in Tuscany. Hosting your wedding in Tuscany in Italy means you can choose a destination steeped in history and become part of it. For a more secluded and tranquil wedding surrounded by your loved ones, choose one of the quaint villages. This Italian region has it all, which is why weddings in the Tuscan region of Italy are so sought after.

Before you choose, it is worth booking a trip to Tuscany to look at your favourite destinations and venues. Like the dress, the venue has to feel right. And you will only know if you have seen it in person. Looking at wedding venues is a lot of fun and when you find the one for you, it’s the best feeling in the world.

Lucca: Where Romance Meets Renaissance

When researching weddings in Tuscany in Italy, Lucca is one destination that quickly stands out. Its proximity to the international airport in Pisa makes Lucca easy to get to for the wedding party as well as the guests. Lucca is one of Tuscany’s walled towns, which gives it an old-world charm. The city contained within the walls boasts buildings from Roman times, in the Gothic style and, of course, Renaissance splendour. This makes Lucca one of the most popular wedding destinations in Tuscany.

With a Lucca wedding, you can elevate your day to a spectacular Renaissance event that you and your guests will never forget. Any of the wedding venues in the town will provide the perfect backdrop to celebrate your love. And any invitation inviting them to a wedding in Lucca, Italy, will at once impress your guests.

Wedding Lucca

Romance in Capannori: a Mediaeval Gem

Capannori is a completely different proposition to Lucca. This region is home to captivating forts, castles and mediaeval towers, many of which are perched on the top of hills. Like in any part of Tuscany, Capannori is also home to splendid Renaissance villas and beautiful churches. This hidden gem of Tuscany is the perfect destination if you want brilliant vistas for your wedding photos. Celebrate your love surrounded by a gorgeous mix of stunning landscapes and beautiful architecture. As far as weddings in Tuscany go, Capannori is one of the destinations that will tick every single box on your list.

The region’s capital Capannori is home to a host of luxurious private villas, where you can have a wedding in true Renaissance style. The exuberance of this period will make you feel very special indeed on your day. It will also impress your guests, giving them a day they will remember forever.

Capannori Wedding

Monte San Quirico: An Intimate Escape

If a wedding in Lucca or Capannori doesn’t sound tranquil enough, then the village of Monte San Quirico might be the perfect venue. This charming village just outside of Lucca provides a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of life. You will be able to focus on what really matters, celebrating your special day with your loved ones around you.

Monte San Quirico is nestled among the green Tuscan hills, giving you views to wonder at. They will also look marvellous in your wedding photos, taking you back there whenever you look at them. This charming village is the perfect wedding destination for a simple, yet luxurious day.

San quirco wedding

Find Your Enchanting Wedding Destination in Tuscany

Whichever of the many wedding destinations in Tuscany you choose, you will have the most beautiful day. This Italian region has something for every taste, whether you want your special day to be spectacular or more tranquil and serene. Stunning views are guaranteed wherever you decide to get married. The rolling hills and fabulous landscapes will enchant you just as much as the beautiful architecture with its historic splendour.

While Lucca is one of the most popular wedding destinations, if you decide to choose a less well-known destination, you won’t regret it. There is something wonderful about finding a hidden gem, and it makes your special day this tiny bit more special.