Tuscany is an Italian region that is well-known for its wines. The mild Mediterranean climate is perfect for growing the best grapes to make delicious wine. And nowhere in Tuscany can you find better wines than in Lucca. Wine tasting in Lucca is an experience no wine-lover should miss. But this historic town has more to offer. Lucca’s olive oil is also famous for its distinct taste. This makes this Tuscan town the perfect destination for anyone wanting to sample the local culinary delights.

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Exploring Lucca’s Local Wines and Olive Oils

Vineyards and Olive Groves cover the slopes around this beautiful town. Owned by small producers, they make some of the best wines and olive oils that Tuscany has to offer. Olive oil from Lucca has a fruity aroma and is at the same time tangy and sweet. Its bitter undertones make it perfect for many local dishes. It is made using olive varieties such as Frantoio and Lecciono, giving it a yellow-ish colour with shades of green.

The hills surrounding Lucca provide wine producers with a range of grape varieties for their delicious wines. These include Sangiovese, Trebbiano, Vermentino and Ciliegiolo. By blending these different grapes, Lucca’s wine producers achieve a selection of outstanding wines, both red and white.

Wine Tasting in Lucca: Vineyards and Wineries in Lucca

No visit to this historic city would be complete without sampling its delicious wines. Lucca wine tours offer you the opportunity to visit different vineyards and wineries. Find out how these famous wines are made and, more importantly, taste how delicious wine from Lucca in Italy’s Tuscan region is. Of course, any wine bar in Lucca will sell local wines, but it is a special experience to sample the wine in the place where it has been grown.

The closest winery to Lucca’s walls is Fattoria al Dotto. This small family-run winery produces a white Vermentino wine, as well as red San Giovese, Merlot, Syrah and Lucchese Chianti wines. They also make their own Extra Virgin Olive Oil, making it an excellent stop off on a wine tour.

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Tenuta Adamo Winery is only 15 minutes from Lucca and offers wine tasting tours. They produce their wines and olive oil using centuries-old methods, keeping the old traditions alive. If you like rosé wine, then you shouldn’t miss the Fattoria Sardi vineyard. You can book a wine tour and afterwards have a delicious meal at the on-site restaurant, getting the full culinary experience.

When you have found a wine you love, you can buy it directly at the winery or visit a wine shop in Lucca, who will sell local wines.

Olive Groves and Oil Producers in Tuscany

Olive oil from Lucca in Italy is famous around the world. So it shouldn’t surprise you to learn that you can go on olive oil tours. Learn how this famous oil is produced and try it for yourself. Many vineyards also grow olives, which is very useful if you want to know about both these local products.


Fattoria al Dotto and Fattoria Sardi are places where you can both sample wine and olive oil. Like the vineyards and wineries, you will find olive groves and oil producers in the hills around Lucca. The Colline Cucchesi area is famous for both wine and olive oil production.

Tuscany Culinary and Cultural Significance of Wine and Oil Pairings

If you are wondering why so many producers make both wine and olive oil, think of the climate. Both olives and grapes need a lot of sunshine and warmth. The hills around Lucca provide the ideal conditions to grow both, so it’s what many farmers do.


Both olives and grapes have been long grown in Italy. Italian cuisine wouldn’t be what it is without these two products. Olive oil in Lucca is the star performer in many local dishes, such as fettunta, bean soup or bruschetta. And while wine often accompanies a meal, if it is the right wine, it will enhance the taste of the food.


Preserving Italian Traditions and Sustainability

Italians are serious about their wine, not just when it comes to the taste. Many winemakers use centuries-old methods to make their produce. By doing so they keep alive the ancient viniculture. But that doesn’t mean they don’t look to the future. Sustainability is just as important as traditions.


Especially the younger generation is keen to combine tradition with sustainability to produce the best wines in Lucca. They make biodynamic wine, which means everything is done on the vineyard: growing, harvesting and processing. To make biodynamic wine you aren’t allowed to use chemical fertilisers or pesticides, making it a sustainable practice.

Planning Your Lucca Food Experience

Lucca is the ideal destination for anyone who loves wine and good food. And wine tasting in Lucca is a must. But to make your stay in this charming town unforgettable, you have to book the perfect accommodation. Enjoy Lucca in style and create memories that will stay with you forever.